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Prosperous Beibu Bay    Surging New Longtan

Adjoining Beibu Bay on the south,facing Southeast Asia,bordering on Viemam on the southwest,abutting Guangdong,Hong Kong and Macau on the east,connecting Central China on the north and leaning against Southeast China,Guangxi is the most convenient access tO the sea in the southwest and the combination zone of Resource-based economy of West China and open economy of Southeast China,and thus it plays a quite important role in the economic cooperation between China and ASEAN countries.

Yufin is located in the southeast of Guangxi and on the interchange between Guangdong and Guangxi,adjacent to Wuzhou Cicy of Guangxi and Maoming City of Guangdong on the east,adioining to Beihai City of Guangxi and Zhanjiang City of Guangdong on the south and matching with Qinzhou City and Nanning City of Guangxion the west and bordering on Guigang City on the north.As an important node city that connects and develops concertedly together with the city cluster of Guangxi along the coastline and the economic hinterland of Guangxi,Yulin lies in the overlapped area and on the interchange of several economic cooperation zones and is the processing base for the transfer of the east industries and the important inland passage and springboard for the east to ASEAN.In addition,it is one ofthe“4+2”cities ofGuangxi Beibu Bay Economic Zone,the Cross—Taiwan Strait Agricultural Cooperation Experimental Area and a coastal economic open zone of China.

Longtan Town,located on the southernmost end ofBobai Councy and on the interchange of three counties(Bobai County,Hepu County and Lianjiang City)of 2 provinces(Guangdong and Guangxi),has a very convenient traffic and predominant geographical location and is commonly called as the“Golden Triangle”in the southeast of Guangxi. Moreover,it has perfect facilities in respect ofwater supply,power supply, communication,bank,school,hospital,food and drink,shopping center, etc.

The whole town covers an area of 1 59.69 km with a population of 1 1 6.000.Yulin Longtan Industrial Park is aJl important functional area of Tieshan Port(Longtan)Group,one of the five functional groups in Guangxi Beibu Bay Economic Zone aS well as one ofthe 1 1 key industrial parks specifically supported by the autonomous region.The first—phase planned area of this park is 50 km.With excellent planning,high starting—point complete supporting 6cili6eS,the park emphasizes the creation of an industrial base in nonferrous metal smelting,recyclable resources processing and utilization,storage,logistics,etc.

“2 Centers”:Longtan Town Government in the north constitutes the primary center;Longtan Industrial Park Management Committee in the south constitutes the sub—centers;“3 ge#ons”:The North City Region covets the town’s administrative.conl.1iiercial,culture and education,sports and entertainment centers;the Central City Region is mainly for logistics&storage and Class II industrial land;the South City Region is the town sub-center and Class Ill industry concentration area;“8 Parks”:8 professional parks,namely construction machinery manu&ctIlre,new building material,electronic information,biomedicine,green food processing,recyclable resources utilization&processing,nonferrous metal melting and storage&logistics.

Longtan Town and the surrounding city and county of location between

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