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Guangxi Yulin Longtan Grand Link Imported Recyclable Resources Processing Park Co.,Ltd Introduction

    The Park is the pilot park of“enclosure management”constructed as approved in August 2008 by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the PRC and has been listed as a maj or industrial proj ect promoted as a whole by the People’S Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.The project is the largest recyclable resources processing and utilization park under construction currently in China,with a planned land of 1 2,000 mu and the proposed investment of RMB 20 billion.The Park mainly engages in the disassembly and processing of various recyclable resources including imposed waste wires and cables,rejected motors,waste steels and irons,waste nonfelTOUS metals and plastics,etc,and establishes the 109istics and distribution center for imported waste steels,etc.

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